Nana, left, appearing alongside her sister Tammi, right.

Season AC:CC
Species Monkey
Rank 8th

Tammi is the tenth contestant in Animal Crossing: Chic Craze. She and Nana are the first monkey contestants in the series.


Tammi is the younger sister to Nana, whom she sometimes irritates, but she loves. They both entered the competition to be recognized for modelling talent. Her birthday is April 2.


Having barely escaped elimination in Episode 2 when Agent S offers to leave instead, it wasn't much of a surprise to Tammi or any of the remaining characters when she was actually eliminated from the competition in Episode 3. However, she did not take it as a huge blow and instead looked on the bright side: she would be able to see her friends back at home, and she could brag about her sister who was still in the competition.