Rover in a Mario shirt.

Season AC:MM, AC:CC
Gender Male

Rover is a judge on Animal Crossing: Model Mania and Animal Crossing: Chic Craze.


Not to be confused with the cat of the same name, Rover is a blond boy, somewhere between 15-17 years old in Season 1 and 17-18 in Season 2. He knows a fair deal about mechanics, making a modified camera for a photoshoot in Model Mania. His birthday is February 6, which was when his ACMM actor wizard98 first joined ACC.

In Model Mania, Rover was shown to be good friends with fellow judge Katie, especially when she's in the hospital, but also lost patience with her at times. After Episode 3 of Chic Craze, Rover is teased by Season 2 judge Kathy.

Chic Craze contestant Bangle is in love with Rover, but he is, unfortunately for Bangle, oblivious to this.

To Be or Not to Be..Edit


Rover, as he appears in Season 2. With a nose!

Rover's judging of the contestants was done by wizard98 on ACC in season 1 and by link76 of ACC for season 2. In Season 1, his request to be a judge was accepted and the use of his character Rover, but before the first episode began, he decided did not want the role. In the next episode, wizard98 reconsidered and was part of the team (and had to be hastily written into the episode).

Not This TimeEdit

Because of Dolly12345's inactivity, PC planned to have a new judge in Katie's stead and to have wizard98 play Rover for a second season. Things did not go to plan, though, as Wizard chose to discontinue playing Rover, and Katie still wished to be a judge. Katie was replaced as a judge by her older sister Kathy, and Rover is played by link76 of ACC for this season.