Peanut brings gifts from Nibbles.

Season AC:MM
Species Squirrel
Rank 7th

Peanut is a contestant in Animal Crossing: Model Mania.


Peanut thought it was a great idea to enter AC:MM. Her friend, Nibbles, didn't want her to go at first because she would miss Peanut, but later on encouraged her to go.


Peanut is a sweet 15-year-old squirrel. She does things sometimes without realizing that not everyone else agrees with her, but she means well. She's not so sweet about Cookie in Episode 4 when Peanut is eliminated. She has a friend named Nibbles.

Ironically, even though Cookie and Peanut don't like each other, they both tie for the place of 6th most popular characters. Peanut's birthday is June 8.