Katie explains Episode 6's photoshoot.

Season AC:MM
Gender Female

Katie is a judge on Animal Crossing: Model Mania.


Katie is a kind, yet spunky red-headed girl whose tendency to avoid brushing her hair has resulted in its resemblance to bedhead. She normally would only wear the checkered shirt, but her shirt changes thoroughout the season. She is played by Dolly12345 on Animal Crossing Community. In Chic Craze, Katie is replaced as a judge by her older sister, Kathy.

In Episode 7, she suddenly comes down with an illness that leads to her trip to the hospital in Episode 8, and during Felicity's elimination, she ends the episode in a cliffhanger by saying that the doctors can no longer help her because she can't pay the medical bill. When the winner was chosen, she payed the hospital debts.

Katie's birthday is June 6, the date when Dolly12345 joined ACC.

Katie Stands Alone?Edit

Initially, Katie was supposed to be the only judge on the show, but after Rover reconsidered judging, she then judged alongside him. Katie was supposed to not re-appear in AC:CC, assuming Dolly would still be offline. However, Dolly had logged on in time for the finale. Dolly now plays Katie's older sister, Kathy.