Gabi with a redesigned hairdo, in Episode 7.

Season AC:MM
Species Rabbit
Rank 4th

Gabi is a contestant on Animal Crossing: Model Mania.


Gabi felt a little less self-conscious to get a letter in the mail saying she's qualified for AC:MM. So..that's exactly why she entered. She felt confident about herself, until Katie's remark about her hair set her off.


Gabi is 16 years old, and she is a rabbit (that was the blandest sentence ever.) Throughout the series she is self-conscious about her hair not looking good enough, so she finally gets a new hair-do in Episode 7, but to her dismay, is eliminated in the same episode. According to an online poll regarding the popularity of the characters, Gabi ranked 5th place in popularity of the ACMM contestants.

Gabi's birthday is December 16.