Felicity says it's not a vacation because Cookie has to come.

Season AC:MM
Species Cat
Rank 3rd

Felicity is a contestant on Animal Crossing: Model Mania.


Felicity was really exciting to find an invitation to Animal Crossing: Model Mania in her mailbox. She did a little dance and happily entered the competition.


Felicity is a cat full of spirit, at about 15 years old. She is the only contestant in Season 1 to be a feline. She entered Animal Crossing: Model Mania because she felt it would be a fun time and she could make new friends. She seems to be friends with Dotty, which is shown in Episode 8, as Felicity is eliminated and Dotty shows much concern.

Felicity is the second-most popular character in season 1 according to a popularity poll. Her birthday is March 30.