Dotty admires the ocean.

Season AC:MM
Species Rabbit
Rank 1st

Dotty is a contestant in Animal Crossing: Model Mania.


Dotty wasn't sure what on earth AC:MM was, but after getting a letter in the mail saying she's qualified, she wanted to enter. Her parents, on the other hand, didn't want her to enter, so she had to convince them to let her go.


Dotty the bunny is the youngest of Season 1's contestants, at only 14 years old. She is curious and isn't really one at paying attention, because quite a bit of her talking lines is of her asking a question. She may unintentionally hurt someone's feelings, though she doesn't try to. She befriends Felicity in the series, and is upset that her friend is eliminated in Episode 8.

Dotty's win surprised many fans, as Caroline's rank in the popularity poll made a lot of people think she would win instead. She donated much of her winnings to Katie's medical bill. Though this win entails that she surpasses Felicity in the competition, Dotty is actually the third most popular character as told by the show's first popularity poll.

Dotty's birthday is March 14.