Caroline(left) sitting around with Dotty(right)

Season AC:MM
Species Squirrel
Rank 2nd

Caroline is a contestant in Animal Crossing: Model Mania.


Caroline is a squirrel who means well. When she got a letter in the mail that she qualified for Season 1 of Animal Crossing Style, Animal Crossing: Model Mania, she felt it was a great way to overcome her lack of self-confidence and gladly entered.

In Season 2, Caroline is briefly shown on a picture in the the background of Episode 1.


Caroline is a kind squirrel who is near 17 years of age. She is normally kind, but will occasionally get angry. She never seems to mean it or she just regrets it, because her insecurity sometimes gets the best of her. She entered Animal Crossing: Model Mania in order to see if a career in modelling is just what she needs.

Many fans were shocked that Caroline lost to Dotty. Despite this, Caroline is arguably the most popular contestant in Animal Crossing: Model Mania, as the results of a popularity poll show that she had 34.5% of all the votes.

Her birthday is July 15.