Blaire(left) trying to cheer up a depressed Gabi(right).

Season AC:MM
Species Squirrel
Rank 8th

Blaire is a contestant in Animal Crossing: Model Mania.


When Blaire found out she was qualified for AC:MM, she thought it'd be a great idea, and would easily beat the first few weeks of summer just watching TV.


Blaire is a squirrel near 16 years of age. She is similar to Caroline is some ways, with both of them trying to be their nicest. Blaire joined AC:MM for the sake of a fun summer. She is normally optimistic, but her leave on Episode 3 was the opposite for her because of Cookie's taunts.

Blaire's birthday is July 3. The squirrel is not among the popular characters of the show, because she did not rank on it's first online popularity poll.