Animal Crossing: Model Mania
Season 1
Beginning December 18, 2009
Ending June 8, 2011
Winner Dotty

List of Animal Crossing: Model Mania episodes

Animal Crossing: Model Mania is the first season for the Animal Crossing Style series.

I'm InspiredEdit

After watching two episodes of Animal Crossing's Next Top Model, PC wanted to make an Animal Crossing modelling series as well. So she asked for the creator's permission to make a spin-off series, which she was granted. When discussing a name for this season, fellow member of Animal Crossing Community Bounce33 came up with "Animal Crossing: Model Mania".

We're InspiredEdit

A lot of people like the idea of an Animal Crossing modeling show as well! There are many spin-off series to this spin-off series, such as Animal Crossing Model Extravaganza, Animal Crossing Model Madness, and Animal Crossing: Fashion Fest.



The judges are a redheaded girl named Katie and a blonde boy named Rover (note: not the cat.) Katie accepted the job from the start, but Rover had originally resigned from the judging business. During the making of Episode 2, he wanted to rejoin the mania of modeling.

AC:MM was, at first, going to only have Katie and Rover as judges, but when Katie suddenly became inactive online, a guest judge had to be found- and who better than the genius behind Animal Crossing's Next Top Model? Guest judging was first used in Episode 5.

The guest judging concept was originally going to be used in odd-numbered episodes, but when Katie still wasn't online in time for Episode 6, another guest judge had to be found. Ironically, during the making of Episode 6 Katie had returned, but we couldn't just tell the guest judge that they couldn't do anything. Episode 8 is the first episode where a guest judge appears onscreen. In Season 2, guest judges such as Charlie appear on screen.