Mmm..she dunno.

Season AC:MM
Species Eagle
Rank 10th

Amelia is a contestant in Animal Crossing: Model Mania.


Amelia awoke one day to find an unsual piece of mail in her mailbox, saying she's qualified to join Animal Crossing: Model Mania. About to throw it away, Amelia thinks it's a prank. However, her brother Apollo tells her the show is actually legit, so Amelia enters.


Not too much is known about Amelia the eagle. She may be of 17 years of age. Even though she realized that AC:MM is real, she still couldn't take it in. This may have helped the reason she was eliminated in the first episode. She also is not among one of the popular characters, as she did not rank in the show's first online popularity poll.

Amelia's birthday is November 19.