Agent S in the AC:CC opening.

Agent S
Season AC:CC
Species Squirrel
Rank 9th

Agent S is a contestant in Animal Crossing: Chic Craze. She is listed fourth among the others.


Agent S is a no-nonsense member of the Amazing Trio, which also consists of Kid Cat and Big Top. They are made famous for their superhero feats in their town.

Kid Cat and Big Top use the competition as a means to get back at Agent S for a prank. Tricking her into thinking "AC:CC" is an enemy squadron, Agent S enters only to discover too late that it was a trap.

Agent S's birthday is July 2.


Technically, Agent S was not eliminated in the traditional way. When she was found in the Bottom 2 on Episode 2, she offered to leave in Tammi's stead so she could return to superheroing--- and so she could give Kid Cat and Big Top a piece of her mind (which she does after the credits roll.)